Adventures in Dress-Trashing

trash the dress modesto
Rock and roll!

When Dacey and I planned her Trash the Dress shoot, she told me we could do WHATEVER we wanted – no holds barred. She was open to any ideas, and wanted to do some shots in her husband’s personal auto shop. Grease! Dirt! YES! She said the dirtier the dress the better. Woo hoooo!!!

I have to admit, going into a shoot totally blind is never smart, but I didn’t preview the shop at Dacey’s house because she lives about thirty minutes away. I wish I had done a preview, because when we arrived, I stood around for a few minutes wondering what to do in such a tight space. Thankfully, Dacey and her dad (who was nice enough to help with the shoot) were very patient as I said, “Bear with me… I’ve never done a shoot in an auto shop before.” I stretched my creative mind and tried to think fast.

We had a great time taking photos and splattering Dacey with grease. Then we took the vintage Bronco out to a more deserted area of town. Finding a spot was interesting. When I spied an area I liked, I told Mark to pull over, and said I would just go up to the property-owner’s door and ask for permission to use their orchard as a backdrop while we park in the giant dirt driveway.

This was, in theory, a good idea, IF the guy had spoken English. I used my mad skills at Spanish Charades, and said, “Auto…” while I pointed at my car and his driveway. Then I said, “Pictures,” while I pantomimed taking a photo. The man said something in Spanish that sounded kind, so I assumed he’d said yes. I gave him a thumbs-up and smiled, then he nodded. “Gracias!” I exclaimed. We had our second location.

I can’t wait to get the film back from the lab and see the finished product! I also can’t wait to hear how Dacey’s husband likes the photos – they’re a surprise gift for him.

Here are a few shots that McKenzie took as we were shooting. Thank you for all your help today McKenzie!!


trash the dress modesto
Me risking my life, shooting underneath a car
Trash the Dress Modesto
Great angle of the dirty dress…
Trash the Dress Modesto
Up on a ladder to get the right angle!
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