Attack of the Seagulls ~ A Day at the Beach

I almost died last week! True story!

We were visiting Mark’s family in Southern California last week, so we went to Oceanside for a cool Flower Power bridal shoot. I borrowed a friend’s 70’s wedding dress, put together some awesome flowers, and we had cousin Tatyanna as a model! We had a great time and made some gorgeous images, and after the shoot I lounged on the beach while Mark and Taty went swimming. Of course I got frozen yogurt from the food stand, and I put it down while I took some photos with my phone. I turned to see a sneaky little seagull trying to get to my yogurt. When I looked at him he ran away, so I put my yogurt down and waited until he did it again and I got a photo. Then, being the nice human I am, I flung some yogurt on the sand for the little guy. But twenty other seagulls swarmed, squawking at each other, flying around me! I started shouting, “Help! Help! Birds! AAAHHH!!!” and swinging my arms around frantically. “Shoo!!! SHOOOO!!” I yelled, but they kept swarming. “Help! Birds!” The girl laying on a beach towel near me laughed and I said, “It’s like the Hitcock movie!!!”

And that’s how I almost died!


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