Boudoir Testimonial ~ Kory

My boudoir client Kory was kind enough to fill out a little survey for me.  I know this will help other women to be brave in front of the camera.  Thank you Kory, for trusting me with these intimate photos.  You were a dream client and you are stunning, inside and out!


Q: What were your reasons for doing a boudoir session?
A: I was getting married and wanted a fun gift for the groom.  I knew I had worked hard to achieve my ‘bridal body’ so I wanted to document that.  Knowing I want to have kids, and how getting older changes things – I wanted to have something for myself to look back on to remember how hard I worked and how proud I was of my body.

Q: What were your greatest fears about the boudoir photos; what specifically were you worried about showing?
A: I wanted to have nudity, so obviously getting naked in front of someone can be intimidating.  In addition, just having normal fears of how I would look on camera was a little scary.

Q: How did you feel before the session, during planning with me?
A: I immediately felt comfortable and like you really understood what I was looking for.  Going through photos with you for inspiration really helped me relax, knowing you were going to capture exactly what I wanted.

Q: How did you feel during the session?
A: Right before it was time I got really nervous.  Starting slow and with more clothing really helped ease me into it; once it was time to go topless I didn’t even care anymore.  Having a professional really helped with this too.

Q: How do you feel now that you’ve seen your images?
A: I’m SO glad I did this.  I feel even more proud of myself!!  I recommend these shoots to everyone!!

Q: What does your new husband think of your images?
A: Well the gift was a hit!!!  He was pretty much speechless!!  A few got comments: in his sweater, he commented that it was sexy I was in his shirt!  And he was blown away I went topless.  🙂  He loved the one we got printed too.  A complete success.  He’s so excited!!
Thank you again.

A boudoir photography session is a great way to feel sexy and confident.  Boudoir albums make a great gift for your groom, significant other, or for yourself!  Dawn Kelly Photography specializes in unique, artistic, and natural boudoir photography in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Modesto Central Valley.  Modesto boudoir photographer by Dawn Kelly Photography.

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