Bridal Couture ~ It Starts With a Dress

During last week’s treasure hunt, McKenzie was hopping around, grabbing items and saying, “Oooo, oooo! Dawn, we need this! OOOO THIS! Let’s get this!” In EVERY store. So, when she grabbed this gown off the rack at Buy Rite Thrift, I shook my head, dismissing the “OOOO DAWN WE NEED THIS!”

“How much is it?” I said.

“Nine dollars!”

“Oh…” I was suddenly more interested, but still skeptical, because surely a $9 dress had to be hideous.

She showed me the sleeves and lace details and said, “We can totally do something with this!”



“Ok. We can get it. But ONLY if you have the idea for the shoot before we’re ready to leave this store.”

She whipped out her handy iPhone and searched images by one of her fave wedding couture photographers. When she showed me the images and gave me the rustic photo shoot idea, I was hip to purchasing this $9 gown.

When I got it home and hung it to take photos, I realized how beautiful it truly is. Kelly pointed out that it’s probably 60s or early 70s, which is SO on trend right now. I love the Victorian look and uniqueness of this gown. Color me excited! As soon as we find a size two model and a black top hat we are ready to design the rest of the shoot and rock this thing! Stay tuned for a super creative and out-of-the-box photo shoot!



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