Couture Shoot Prep: Crazy is as Crazy Does

Why yes, I WAS up until 1:30 hot-gluing props. Famous quote of the night: “It’s amazing what you can do with a hot glue gun. OWE!!!” Klutziness + hot instrument = burned fingertips. But I can’t NOT do it. I’m obsessed with making my own funky props for my creative shoots, and I am going to finish this nutty bouquet, no matter how many times I burn myself!

I know … in this pic of the bouquet in process it looks a little “craft project.” Don’t worry, I was watching Project Runway while making it, so I was sure to “make it work.”

Paper bouquets

A little sneaky peeky of the almost-finished product…

paper bouquet

If you’d like to order a paper bouquet for your wedding, too bad. I swear I’ll never make one of these things again. Contact Unique Boutiques to place a special order from one of our fab artists.

And here’s what my office looks like while planning a shoot. There’s actually a lot more stuff in there. The chairs are covered with tulle that will soon become a skirt to finish off the bridal look.

photo shoot planning

Stay tuned for some behind the scene shots on Sunday night, and the final product next week! I’m super excited about this one!

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