What is family? Who is your family?

To me, family are people who treasure you, love you, forgive your mistakes and hold you while you cry later. They are people who stand by you forever.

This is me at Mom and Dad’s (Verna and Leonard’s) 40th anniversary party. I’m pouring my heart out, cracking jokes, admitting that I don’t share my Cold Stone, and thanking them sincerely for touching my life in ways they will never know. I’m holding on to Sarah, my true BFF, a woman who has seen me at my worst and loves me anyway. She is my cheer leader, my sounding board, and my sister.


I met Sarah in PE class at Sonora High when we were fifteen and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since. She and Rachel call me the other sister and the Honorary Owsley. This family is so loving and amazing it’s hard to put it into words. They were with us when my dad passed away. Hours after his passing I cried in Mom’s arms. From then on, they filled the roles of my parents even more so than before.

They give their love in small ways as well as large. When Sarah has a bad day at work, our sister Rachel will drive to the tea house and buy her a macaroon to cheer her up. Rachel is also the funniest person I know (Sarah is number two for sure). So whenever we need a laugh, Rachel is there telling jokes or doing a goofy dance, or just being Rachel. Her laughter is contagious. She’s incredibly generous, just like the rest of her family.

Thank you Sarah, Rachel, Mom, and Dad for bringing me into your family. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you’ve touched my life in ways you will never know.