FAQ: Can I give you a list of photos I’d like taken at my wedding?

Yes! Absolutely!

We pride ourselves in giving superior customer service and taking the best care of our clients we can. This includes catering to you on your wedding day, as well as providing a finished product that you love once the wedding is over.

Upon booking your wedding, we provide a photography planner for you to fill out, which you can customize however you like. You can add family photos that aren’t listed, and specify which guests you want photos with.

Some couples have special circumstances, such as aged or disabled family members. It’s greatly appreciated if these are listed on the photo planner, so we can be prepared to take care of you and your family as best we can. It’s YOUR wedding day, and whatever photos you want to have taken, we will capture. It’s our job to make you happy!

With the popularity of Pinterest, some brides even come to us with specific ideas – cute bridal party photos, props they’d like to use, or specific poses for their bridal portraits. We are very open to any and all suggestions.


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