We had so much fun at the Get Married Modesto bridal show on Sunday January 5th. It’s a classy, fun, functional show and we have great success with it. We did, of course, have a few snafoos. Hey, we wouldn’t be US if we didn’t, right?

First off, Mark buys his jeans from Kmart, and that aesthetic just doesn’t fit into our brand. I talked him into letting me dress him, and we went to Kohl’s and got him some GREAT jeans! They look so good. He says they’re ugly and he hates them. But he wore them to the bridal show anyway because our company name is “Dawn Kelly Photography,” and that makes me the boss.

I did fire Mark once at the show for knocking over our entire display. The he did it again, and then I did it. On phone call with one of the brides we met, she said, “Are you the ones that kept knocking over your display?” “Yes… Yes, that was us.” Embarrassing, but at least she remembered us!

Here are a few pics of our space. I realized today that we didn’t get a photo taken with our camera of our entire booth and of the three of us. Oh well, we’ll survive.



Everyone loved our teeny-tiny itty-bitty albums from GraphiStudio!


We gave away this divine hot cocoa basket with liqueur in it. Yum!



Our neighbor at the show had BEAUTIFUL cakes and cookies! Check them out! Queen of Hearts Cakes




Not sure exactly what DJ George is doing… Sounds in Motion make every event SO FUN!


A fun fashion show from Sierra Bridal in Sonora and Rossini’s Men’s Wear in Modesto



And then the football players from MY Alma Mater, Sonora High, came out and gave us a show!