Hello There Lover….. The Professional Polaroid of My Dreams

I started dabbling in instant film last year, using a cheapo vintage Polaroid I got on Etsy for $45. But when I stared seeing what other photographers around the world were accomplishing with their instant film, I caught the fever. Here is a shot our photographer, Micheal Ash, took of Mark and I during our anniversary shoot:


Impressive, right?! While working with Michael I decided I HAD to have his camera, a Polaroid land camera 195, so we bit the bullet and purchased one. This model Polaroid camera has not been made since 1976, and they can go for $900, so when we found a photographer from Amsterdam selling his at a reasonable price, we grabbed it. It came yesterday, and here’s a photo I just took of my kitchen sink. Literally just my kitchen sink with a dog lamp, a blender, and a bunch of kitchen crap next to it.


Impressive right!?! OMG I can’t WAIT to use this on Friday for a boudoir session I’m doing. This thing is pure magic. Here’s a photo of my new baby:


If you’d like to see future photos from this awesome vintage camera, go to our main page of the web site and click the “Subscribe & Follow Me” button. You won’t be disappointed, mostly because I blog about really embarrassing things I do and past jobs where I messed with my boss’s coffee.


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