Ice Queen, Phase One… COMPLETE!

I would call today’s makeup trial a victory. It didn’t turn out perfect, but a trial never is.

This was the most challenging makeup trial I’ve done so far, and I’m SO glad we did it. Geneva was a trooper, considering I had to do the foundation twice, THEN she had to wash EVERYTHING off so I could start all over. Her poor skin…


First time around, the face makeup was TOO white, and the eye makeup was too dark. We laughed because she looked like the Joker and it freaked me out. Once we had a clean pallet, I practiced hard on getting a pearly, opalescent look that would read on film as light enough, but not cakey. I had never worked with Ben Nye stage makeup before, and I have to say, I don’t love it, but it’s the best thing out there for this kind of makeup. When I showed Geneva the makeup before mascara and lipstick, she said, “I look like a ghost.” “Remember, you’re supposed to be an Ice Queen.” “Oh, yeah.”

The makeup turned out pretty well (for a trial), as you can see from the two shots here, but you’ll have to wait for close-up photos. Looking at the head shots I took, I can see what I need to do differently – where I need to prime better, where I need to blend more. I’m so happy I shoot film and not digital because film smooths the skin out and digital picks up every little line and pore. I’m neurotic as it is. Next weekend will be quite the adventure! Stay tuned to see us freezing our pattooties off in the snow!



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