Janet & Jose ~ Baby on Board!

The day Janet found out she was pregnant, she decided to tell Jose when they were out walking their dog. Jose didn’t believe it, and kept saying she had to be joking. “I kept laughing about it,” she said, “So he didn’t believe me. I don’t know why I was so giggly about it.” (I would be giggly with happiness too!) When they got home, she showed him the test and he was convinced and VERY excited. Now they are awaiting the delivery of their little girl, Emma, in February. When Jose spoke about the first time he felt the baby move, tears came to his eyes, as if he were reliving the moment. He’s going to be an amazing father, and Janet is going to be a loving and fantastic mother. I’m so happy for this couple!

I had to know all about their adventures in babiness. The cutest story is when Janet and Jose told Janet’s family. Jose told them, “We have some good news.” Janet’s father said, “Oh, I already know. Janet’s pregnant.” Jose and Janet were surprised and didn’t understand how he could’ve known. Her father continued to say, “I prayed about it. I prayed you guys would have a little girl.” Looks like his prayer was answered!


Janet and Jose’s love story started five and a half years ago at the coffee shop where Janet worked. After three years of dating, Jose asked Janet to marry him in a somewhat organic way.

When I asked about how he proposed, Jose said, “It was awful! We were in my truck. The honest truth is that I had just gotten a job in Bakersfield, and I thought there was no other person I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. And I couldn’t hold it in anymore. It just felt right.”

They were both living in Fresno, and had been talking about visiting each other every weekend, something that wasn’t enough for Jose. He wanted to be with Janet every day. The proposal was somewhat of a surprise to Janet, and she completely agreed they should start this new life together. They didn’t waste any time. That week they got married by Jose’s cousin, a minister and friend to the couple.

They say that the secret to their happiness is their solid friendship they had nurtured while they were dating. Janet’s number one ingredient to a happy marriage is trusting your partner 110%. “I don’t have to worry,” she said. “Trust holds everything together.” Jose’s advice to newly married couples is to have a lot of patients for each other.

Jose is a successful engineer and Janet’s current job is to be a mom – the most important job in the world. In the future, she plans to go to school to be a nurse.

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph this lovely couple. It’s clear how much love and laughter is in their relationship, and I can’t wait to meet little Emma! A big thank you to Janet and Jose for letting me into such a special part of their life.

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