Kid Photography ~ OMG I Need a Nap

Today I spent some time with the Avila family, photographing Ami & Victor (whose wedding I photographed in 2006), 4-year-old Brooke, 2-1/2-year-old Hank, and 21-day-old baby Hayden. I write this from my bed with my cat, watching Project Runway, half dead. WOW kids have a lot of energy! I really had a BLAST!!! I got to take photos of the kids with their toys, the family with their newest addition, and I got to play Tickle Monster with the kids! SO FUN! And now I must nap. I really don’t know how mothers do it…

I decided to pull out the Polaroid and show the kids how the picture comes out. In this day and age, kids are used to instant gratification. They’re used to digital cameras and photos from phones. I thought this would be a cool way to introduce them to instant film. They thought it was SO cool. Here is a quick phone pic of the kids helping me count to 20 while the film is under my arm developing.


Here’s a pic of the print I left with the family. I’m still getting a handle on how to use this camera, so don’t judge me.


Thank you, Avila Family, for bringing me into your home! It was so fun and an honor!

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