Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

I’ve been binge-watching “Catfish: The TV Show” on Hulu, and thus thinking about how dishonest people are. I mean, I’ve known my whole life that people lie, but lately, with social media and greed on the rise, it’s worse than ever.

This article from The Huffington Post is a real gem:
“Mom Accused Of Shaving Daughter’s Head, Convincing Her She Has Cancer To Raise Money”

Cancer Scam

I wonder… How do people like this live with themselves? Especially when children are involved.

Catfish is like, the best show EVER. It collects all sorts of crazy, dishonest people and hands them to us on a silver platter. My personal favorite is the woman who Catfished a college basketball player, then thought he would continue a relationship with her after finding out she’d lied about her name, how she looked, and her family situation. And I swear to God, if one more person says, “My Bae” I’m going to puke. Does anyone else see our society going down the road of ignorance? And while we’re at it, you didn’t “seen him” on Facebook, you “SAW HIM.” It’s horrendous that schools are taking spelling and writing out of the curriculum.

I’ve come across many dishonest people in my life, and sadly, I’ve been damaged by them. Don’t judge me, but a while back I looked at my ex’s LinkedIn page. I was quite curious about what he listed because I know he’s a huge liar, and when he was in my area, he was living in a homeless shelter. Much to my surprise (NOT), he listed that he’d been working in a corporate position during that time period. Dude, I know you were homeless. I drove you to the homeless shelter. In addition, he claimed to have cancer during that time period, yet never underwent any cancer treatments, and moved on with his life perfectly healthy. Liar, liar, Pants on Fire! My history with this person was pretty much just wading through his lies, then eventually finding out he was cheating on his girlfriend with me (I had no idea she existed). I’m not going to lie (pun intended), even though our relationship was 19 years ago, it still hurts a great deal. It’s something I’ll never get over.

I’ve heard numerous stories of divorces that are the product of dishonesty. One California woman who was looking for love welcomed being introduced to a man who lived out of state. They spoke on the phone for several months, and he told her he’d been released from prison within the past year. She understood that he’d been in for 20 years, and that he had accidentally killed someone in self-defense, protecting his girlfriend’s child’s life. She felt it was gallant, and continued the relationship. Within a few months of meeting via telephone, she went to visit him and they eloped. Right after the wedding, she discovered he wasn’t allowed to leave the county because he was registered as a sex offender. Their neighbors were putting fliers on their door calling him a child molester because … he was, in fact, in prison for molesting his girlfriend’s daughter. What … a pickle she was in. She ended the marriage, but the damage had been done. She was emotionally scarred and humiliated.

I’m not even going to touch the subject of a woman who claimed to be my best friend and was basically living a huge lie, turning friends against each other and running off with a large sum of money that didn’t belong to her. I just…. I can’t even.

Wait, did I have a point to this?… OH! Yeah… I feel like dishonesty is so incredibly rampant that we all fall prey to it. Therefore, we ALL need to be careful. Believe me, there are plenty of wedding vendors out there who are dishonest. You can read about how to avoid them HERE.

My message to you is “BE CAREFUL.” *rant over*

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