A Little More Talk and a Little Less Action

Sometimes you just need to go for sushi with your girlfriends. Three of us had a fabulous long lunch and vented about everything going on in our lives. It felt FANTASTIC! Everyone needs friends that you can say anything to, that you can confide in, and who support you.

I’ve shared a lot about myself in my blog – my mentally ill mother, my phobia of phobias… But I’ve never talked about my first true love: sushi. I’m convinced that sushi got me a husband. As soon as Mark found out I ate sushi and would try just about any food out there he was HOOKED. He had finally found a non-prissy girl.

Oh sushi… you’ve been so good to me. You just keep giving and giving. I love you dearly. Never leave me.


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Marilyn L. Wilburn
December 6, 2013

A fact I didn't know about u. Knew you had a yen for the different and adventurous side of life. Love you and sushi too!❤️

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