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I’ve known Brooke since she was fifteen, and I adopted her as a little sister. She’s the sweetest, kindest, most generous woman I know. Now she’s all grown up with a husband and beautiful baby boy! I’m so honored that she trusted me enough to take these boudoir photos of her (a gift for her hubby), even though she was REALLY nervous.

From the beginning she was saying, “Don’t judge me, my body had changed!” and “You’re going to make me look good, right?” Like any woman who enters into a boudoir shoot with a photographer, she was terrified of how the photos would turn out. When we were all done, she said, “Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and bringing out my beauty!” That warms my heart! So I asked her a few questions, and I think her answers will help any woman who’s considering a boudoir shoot. As you will see from her photos, the shoot was a great success!


Q) How did you feel before the shoot, when you booked it?
A) When I booked my consult appointment, I felt like “I can do this.” Then once you gave my the date and time I felt like, “OMG I can’t do this. Who am I kidding? Boudoir photos are for thin and fit girls…. I am NOT one of those.” Then I had my consult and you showed me your work and proved to me beauty comes in all different sizes. I left your house, called my mom and told her, “I’m super excited about this! Thomas is going to LOVE it!!!”

Q) How did you feel during the shoot, once we got rolling?
A) When you helped get me dressed I was still telling myself, “OMG what did I get myself into?” It was time to photograph my “lovely curves.” I realized the panties I picked were NOT the ones I had in mind. When I put them on I said, “Where is the back?!? Haha!” I’m very self conscience about my flat butt, but Dawn, you made me feel normal and very comfortable. When you had me start with a mask I felt like I was hiding behind it. You made me feel so comfortable that it just took two shots and you said, “OK, how do you feel? Let’s take the mask off.” From then on I forgot about any self esteem issues I had about myself.

Q) How do you feel after seeing the images?
A) When you showed me the sneak peek of the photos I was mesmerized about this beautiful woman in the photo. And then I realized……”It’s me! I’m no longer just a wife or a mom!” I finally saw in just a few photos what everyone has always told me, that I’m beautiful inside and out! It was true!!! I owe it all to you Dawn. You showed me what you have told me for years. You just wanted me too see that! I can’t wait for Thomas to see them!!! I want to frame all of them!! Thank you again my dearest longest friend!! Xoxo

I believe that if you as a woman are feeling low about yourself, or if you have self-esteem issues, a boudoir shoot is the perfect way to prove how beautiful you are! Check out Brooke’s photos. She’s beautiful!











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