I truly loved working with Simone.  She’s absolutely gorgeous and I had a lot of fun photographing her, talking with her, and laughing together.  I asked her to answer a few questions for me, because I feel like her answers could really help other women that are interested in doing a boudoir session.  Like most women, she had insecurities about her body, and she was incredibly nervous about doing a boudoir session.  She just didn’t realize how gorgeous she really is!  Of all my clients, she is one of the most transformed in the makeup chair.

*Makeup by Antoinette Karlegan

Q:  Why did you do a boudoir session?
A:  I did a boudoir session for my boyfriend, now fiancé for Valentine’s Day. This was not something I have ever done or even thought about doing before I thought it would be a great surprise for him.

Q:  What were you most nervous about?
A:  I was most nervous about being half naked in front of a stranger, LOL. I was also nervous to think that I couldn’t make great pictures like the ones I’ve seen on your website.

Q:  How was your experience before and during the session?
A:  My experience before the session was that I was really nervous and second-guessing myself until I met with Dawn and she really put me at ease because she’s a very likable person and makes you feel comfortable. During my session though I was still nervous, but after the make up and relaxing a little bit, it was really great and a lot of fun and she really made me laugh, which made me a lot more comfortable.

Q:  How does your fiance like the photos?
A:  He loves them! He probably was as surprised as I was when I first saw.  The pictures didn’t really look like myself but it was amazing. He couldn’t stop smiling and really appreciated that I did something out of my comfort zone for him.

Q:  How has this experience and these photos changed you as a woman?
A:  It has changed me because I can see myself differently and in a completely different light than before. It has given me more confidence especially when I saw my fiancé’s face.  He just couldn’t believe that was me. Although he loves the way I look everyday, he really enjoyed seeing me all dolled up LOL. I didn’t think that I could look like that.


Thank you, Simone, for the kind words!