Mother Flubber

There are times in life when I awkwardly show that I am not a mother. I don’t like holding babies at baby showers because I fear dropping the kid on his head. When a baby cries I ask him what is wrong, as if he could answer me. And when I photograph babies, I ask really idiotic questions.

While photographing Rochelle and Eric’s three-month-old daughter Fallon, I tried to give her a little tea set as I asked, “Can she sit up?” Rochelle laughed and said, “No, she’s three months old.” Last week while photographing Christie and Paul’s newborn Morgan, I said, “If you stand over my shoulder will she look at you?” “Ummmm,” Christie said, “She’s twelve days old. She can’t see anything. I look like a fuzzy blob to her.” *facepalm* When Morgan grows up and I shoot her wedding, I will definitely tell her that story. Good thing I’ve learned to laugh at myself!


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