My girl Tormented Sugar wrote a pretty amazing blog about her boudoir photo shoot experience! Here’s an excerpt:

“Dear Diary,

Omg so I’m driving to my photo shoot I’m feeling nervous … what is it going to be like? Will the photographer like any of the choices of beautiful Lingere I’m bringing from Hips and Curves? Will I be able to stand in these heels I got just for the shoot for any length of time? Will my pix come out like this? Crazy poses because I absolutely do not KNOW what I’m doing!!?!!?

Totes. Freaking. Out. Man.

I PULL INTO THE DRIVEWAY!!! HERE COMES FEELING SUPER NERVOUS! COLD FEET!!! Secretly considering driving back home and saying uhh I got lost and stuff … but braved it … knocked on the door … was greeted by Dawn of Dawn Kelly Photography and felt immediately relaxed!”

Seriously hilarious blog post packed with real emotion and truth. Read the full blog here: Time of My Life: Plus Size Boudoir Photo Shoot Diaries