Polaroid Madness, Take One

I wanted to make the Polaroid shenanigans a separate blog from the behind the scenes because this was my first time shooting Polaroids! I’m quite proud of the prints, not of the negatives I attempted to make…

This was the first image from the day and my first Polaroid not counting the test I did at home the other day. I didn’t take the viewfinder composition into account and cut off her head, plus it’s not in great focus. But it’s still pretty cool, and not terrible for a first try.


I made adjustments and got this one, which I like because she looks super fierce!


This photo below wasn’t initially planned to be this cool. I took the photo of Dei in her pose, but I couldn’t get the darn film out of the slot. It can be REALLY tight and you have to pull really hard. I couldn’t quite get a grasp on it and was only able to pull it a half an inch out. So I said, “OK I guess it’s double-exposure time,” and I turned and took a photo of the tree because I liked the texture and thought it would be cool against it’s opposite, the rusty metal wall. This is one of my fave photos I’ve ever taken.


I had had the idea to put Dei in one of these metal boxes from the start, and when I saw the composition and all the amazing rust and texture, I had to take a Polaroid. When I ripped it open and we saw it, we all said, “Woooowww….” VERY happy with this one!


I’ve been DYING to make my own Polaroid negatives, and I did my homework online. Like anything else in life, I just WENT for it! Well, it didn’t go well… Three of the four negatives were trashed, and this one that made it out alive… is it an epic fail, or art? It’s up to you to decide…


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