Rock & Roll Boudoir ~ Emily

Emily’s rock and roll boudoir session was full of laughter. She’s quite entertaining! I LOVE this chick. As she posed with her husband’s guitar, she had a confidence that I can learn a lot from. She inspires me! If she can rock this, so can I! (And in September, I plan on it.)

She is hilarious and a joy to be around. I’m blessed to know her. After the photo shoot she emailed me, saying she had the hugest smile on her face from the shoot, which made my day. I do this for the women so they can see their own beauty. We made magic together, Emily! Thank you!

Thank you to Hips and Curves for providing us with a ROCKIN’ wardrobe!

“I am a curvy plus size woman, and doing a Boudoir session with Dawn in my sexy nighty and corsets for me was a very personal and vulnerable position to be in! However, I was surprised at how at ease she made me feel. Immediately upon meeting her and during our photo session… from beginning to end it was a freaking BLAST!! I recommend Dawn Kelly Photography to all women of all sizes! This is a wonderful experience to feel like a super sexy model at any size!”











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