How to Save 75% on Your Dream Wedding Dress

Every bride wants a KILLER wedding dress, but most brides don’t want to pay the high price tag. There are a couple of ways to get an AMAZING dress for a fraction of the price.

1. Sample Sales

I had the pleasure of going with my friend Jenelle to shop for her wedding dress this weekend, and we had SO MUCH FUN! Saturday was THE perfect day to go shopping because there were amazing sales for the post-Thanksgiving season.

Did you know… every fall season bridal shops clearance out their sample gowns so they can bring in new styles?

That’s right, boys and girls, and this is how Jenelle purchased a GORGEOUS dress, which retails for $2,900 for only $850. Amazing!

Sacramento_Wedding_Photographer_0158(NOT the dress she picked…..  The one she picked is SO MUCH BETTER!)


Tradsey is an amazing web site where you can purchased used designer goods, such as ridiculously expensive shoes, bags, sunglasses, etc. They also deal in wedding dresses!

Jenelle looked at several Maggie Sottero gowns on Tradsey, and the prices were around $1,000 for gowns that retail $2,800 and up.

AND Tradsey let’s you open a line of credit and make payments!

You do have to consider what the APR would be, because their terms are 10% – 30% APR, depending on your credit. Anything over 18% is TOO HIGH. You’d be better off purchasing a dress from them with a personal credit card.

3. eBay

EBay CAN be great, but you have to be careful. Many of the dresses advertised on there are knock-offs, so when searching eBay, if there is no photo of the designer label, message the seller and ask for one. Also, don’t buy a dress several sizes larger just because it’s cheap.

Cutting down a wedding dress to size is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than just normal alterations, and can cost $600 or more.


4. Craigslist

You can find some great deals on Craigslist, but there has been a lot of crime taking place because of that site. Be careful and meet in a public place. Don’t risk your safety for a deal.

That’s it for today! If you have questions about saving money on a wedding dress, make a comment below and I’ll help!

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