The Story of Us: 15 Years, Forever to Go!

My favorite thing about Mark is that he can’t say the word “monster,” because it always sounds like “munster.” Every time he says it, I laugh so hard, and it reminds me that he can always make me laugh, no matter what. It’s a million little things like this that make up a marriage.

We met online, like many of our clients, and our courtship was short. When we met and became friends first because of distance, we knew we were right for each other. We knew we could take on this world together. We’ve been through a lot; more than most couples. Every challenge has taught us how to work as a team, how to have the other’s back, and how important it is to serve God together.

When I think about my life, it’s hard to remember how I felt before Mark. We really are best friends. We love traveling together, especially road trips. We both work full time, so taking vacations together is important to us, even if it’s just a three day weekend in Yosemite. When we are in the car together, we take the opportunity to talk, catching up on work stories, discussing various crazy family members, and laughing at hilarious stories and memories. When we get to travel far and wide, we absolutely love exploring new cities and cultures, and trying food we’ve never had.

Honestly, my favorite thing to do is watch TV with Mark and swap stories about our days. Every day, when he gets home from work, we hang out together and talk. On most night, we talk and watch TV until Mark falls asleep and starts snoring and I kick him out. (Yes, Mark, you do snore, you DO!) We tell each other everything, and I take most of my problems to him. It’s easy. I can’t imagine it being this easy with anyone else. I can’t imagine anyone protecting me and taking care of me the way he does.

For our fifteenth anniversary, we decided that Yosemite was the perfect place for new photos. Our friends, Shawna and Richard Briggs of Briggs Photography did a beautiful job! I chose Summer Barker of M.U.A.H. by Summer to do my hair and makeup, and I LOVE the way it looks in the photos! We work together a lot because she’s on my Yosemite vendor team!

I’d like to thank you, for being on my web site and taking the time to read my blog. You, along with all of our amazing clients, have helped me achieve so many goals and dreams. It was so much fun being in front of the camera for a change! We’d had professional photos done before, but this was the first time in Yosemite. I was thrilled to learn how much fun our clients have in the park! It was an amazing experience, and I’m so happy I get to give this experience to our clients.


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