Tree House ~ San Francisco Street Photography

Sometimes I work very hard to make creative images. I drive with my model to San Francisco, walk multiple neighborhoods, brave the beach, pushing through the sand. Sometimes a creative opportunity falls into my lap.

After Madison’s senior portrait sessions, we walked through the Mission District toward a restaurant we wanted to try. Madison and Paris were having a ball, taking in the sights as older black gentlemen told Madison she looked classy in her dress. I loved the experience they were having, something they don’t get where we live in the valley.

We walked past this homeless gentleman and I couldn’t stop looking at him and his little house at the base of this tree. I told the girls to wait, that I wanted to take a photo. I cautiously approached him and said, “Hello. Can I take your picture?” as I took out my wallet. He was very kind and said yes as I handed him two dollars. I took two frames on black and white film, and this is my favorite because there’s a limousine driving by. Street photography can be so poignant and symbolic, and that’s why I love it. I love it because it’s raw and unexpected and breaks rules. I hope to show this image at a gallery showing some day so the image is huge and his sad, tired face can be seen.


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