When Boredom Comes to Town

Lately I’ve been sick to death of looking at my own work. Oh look, a pretty tree. Oooo a field! Field, field, tree, river. OOO a POND! Oh look, another barn. Lovely. Not that I don’t love the photos I’ve created for my clients. I am proud of them and my clients LOVE them, and that’s all that matters. But as an artist, I get bored easily, and the only way to squelch it is to create something I’ve never done before.

So last Saturday we hiked in to a unique location with my friend Violet as the model, and we shot a very cool “Divorce Shoot” with her. She had a blast celebrating the rebirth of her life after ending her marriage, and I had a blast shooting it. Here are two vintage Polaroids from the day. Stay tuned for the film! There are some seriously beautiful images coming your way, full of color, history, amazing graffiti, and style.




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