Above and Beyond

Today we had the pleasure of photographing Monica and Jose’s wedding.  It was GREAT!  What a lovely, beautiful and fun couple.


I wasn’t just a photographer today though!  Due to the fact that Monica arranged for her bridesmaids to meet her at the church, her dress had to be laced up by her mother.  I jumped in to help because she needed it.  What can I say?  I’m a handy girl to have around.


I’m not sure what we were talking about, but as usual, my mouth was working.


Yup, that’s me with my head stuck inside a bouncey house!  (BTW, it smelled like feet.)  The small reception was held at Monica and Jose’s house, and there were a lot of children to entertain, so they rented a bouncy house.  I decided I wanted to get some shots of the kids bouncing around.

Had to get the shot!


Stay tuned for Monica and Jose’s photos!  Happy weekend!

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