tattoo bride

This question has been asked all over the internet for several years: Should a bride cover her tattoos on her wedding day?

Before writing this article, I did some research on the subject online and read what people thought. Approximately 85% of people say the bride should show off her ink with pride, or that it’s the couple’s choice. But some people really had some… we’ll say “strong opinions.”

I had to quote a few people. I just had to…

“Please cover your tattoos. A wedding is no place to ‘show off’ tattoos or cause gossip.” – Linda

“You need to cover them up. Tattoos and a wedding dress are tacky and disrespectful. You’re supposed to look innocent and virginal on your wedding day.” – Scott

Before my head implodes, I have to talk a little about things my Papa taught me.

My Papa taught me to never ever judge another human. It doesn’t matter if they are a bum on the street or the Queen of England. He taught me very firmly that I have no place to judge anyone – only God holds that responsibility. Papa told me that I don’t know what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes, so how do I know why they do the things they do or live the way they do?

I am in no way perfect in this respect. I’m only human, after all. But I’m a very “live and let live” person, so I’m not one to force my opinion on anyone. Therefore, because of my upbringing by my Papa, my opinion on the tattoo matter – whether or not a bride should show or cover her tattoos – is this: It’s no one’s decision but the bride and groom’s. It’s their wedding, so it’s up to THEM.

Personally, I LOVE photographing a bride with tattoos showing! Crystal’s gorgeous tattoo only added to the character of her photos, and it shows off who she is.

When I talked to my BFF Sarah on the phone the other night, I said, “Did you see the photos from the Tahoe wedding we shot?”

“Yes! They’re beautiful!”

“I know, I love them. It was so fun.”

“I totally LOVE how her tattoo on her arm was showing. So cool.”

“I know! Me too!”

Sarah is a conservative girl. She doesn’t have tattoos nor would she get one, but as a fan of my work and someone who doesn’t even know Crystal, she loved Crystal’s tats showing, because it told a story of who Crystal is and what her personality is like – vibrant and fun.

I HAVE to address the gentleman who said that tattoos and a wedding dress are “tacky and disrespectful” and you’re supposed to look “innocent and virginal” on your wedding day…

Um, did I miss something? Is the Queen coming to the wedding? Is the bride marrying Prince William? If you show your tattoos, who exactly are you disrespecting? Whose wedding is this anyway?

And “virginal” on your wedding day? Is it 1910? I mean, I have no idea what lifestyle people have and what their beliefs are, but really, no one has the right to tell a bride how she’s “supposed” to look on her wedding day.

I actually encourage brides to show their ink. I tell them to let their personality shine! It’s your day. It’s your way.