Boudoir Q&A: “I felt empowered & beautiful”

I have known Rachel for over thirty years. I was taken in by her family as a stray in the ’90s and I never left. It was so exciting to see her find her perfect match and plan their wedding. She is the kindest and most generous person I know, and she deserves all this happiness. She elected to skip any retouching because the photos made her feel so beautiful as she is. When I read this questionnaire, I cried because I didn’t know I had made such a huge impact in her life. The power of boudoir is real.

*photo by Dominick & Tyra Photography

I’m not perfect, I’m not young and taught, and I am most certainly not a size 2 model. I have struggled with weight for the majority of my life and all of my adult life so the self-esteem issues I deal with are very deep-seeded. Truth be told for a good part of my life I truly never thought I would be able to find someone to love me enough to choose to be married to me. To choose to be with me for the rest of our lives. Some days I still don’t see what he sees in me. So thinking of myself as sexy is very difficult. Putting myself in a vulnerable position where I may be judged makes me cringe.

I looked at a lot of different work from various photographers which only showed young perfect bodies that would quite frankly look amazing covered in mud. Which made me wonder if the photographer could only make beautiful women look even more beautiful then what hope did I have to look beautiful for my husband for these pictures.

It was very comfortable. Very body positive and my worries and style were taken into consideration and respected. I loved that I was able to be honest about what style I thought he might enjoy and I appreciated the honest feedback I received.

Gorgeous! I felt empowered and beautiful and sexy! Which is everything I had hoped for my special day. And she didn’t rush the photoshoot. She took her time to get the right angle and lighting needed to make me look my best.

It made me appreciate my body and see myself through beautiful glasses. It made me see myself the way my husband sees me. It has done wonders for my self-esteem, which was very much needed.

Words cannot describe how much this photo session did for my self-esteem. I don’t look at myself and criticize every single thing that isn’t the world’s definition of perfect. I see it and love that it has carried me for all these years and still does.

Do it! Be empowered! Do it for your loved one, even if that loved one is yourself. Do it for yourself!! Don’t give in to the world telling you that because you aren’t in your twenties with a perfect body that you can’t be gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, radiant!!! You can and you are!

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