Classic Modesto Boudoir Photography ~ Liz

Liz came to me for boudoir photos because she wanted to give her boyfriend, Matt, a special gift for Valentine’s Day.  She absolutely rocked it, and he LOVES the photos!

They met in high school, where she was dating his best friend.  After that relationship with her high school sweetheart fizzled out and time passed, she and Matt became best friends.  The whole time, she had no idea that he wanted more.  They were always together, paired up for games with friends and for roller coasters at theme parks.  People thought they were dating because of their ease with each other.  Their friends were always asking why they weren’t dating, but Liz was terrified of ruining their friendship.  Finally, last October, they convinced her to go for it.  She asked Matt what he thought about being her boyfriend, and he said she already knew.  He’d been ready to be her boyfriend the whole time.

I LOVED working with Liz.  She’s a genuinely kind, beautiful woman.  We definitely bonded, and I’m happy to have her as a friend.  She also gave me an awesome review, which is below!

“Dawn Kelly is amazing. The first meeting didn’t even feel like a meeting, it felt more like two girlfriends laughing and having a fun conversation. That is exactly how the photo shoot was, FUN!  It took me awhile to get out of my awkward shell but dawn helped me get out of that quick. She takes amazing photos and none of them are photoshopped. Dawn was able to make me feel great and comfortable in my own skin. Love her!!!”

Thank you, Liz!  I look forward to working with you and Matt in the future!



Modesto boudoir pics

Modesto boudoir pic

Modesto boudoir

Modesto boudoir studio

Modesto boudoir photography

Modesto boudoir photographer

Modesto boudoir images

Modesto boudoir studio
Liz’s boyfriend gave her this gorgeous Opal necklace, so I wanted to showcase it in the photos. I love integrating special gifts into boudoir photos.
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