New Wedding Guest Books!

We’ve upgraded our guest books to a more luxurious product!  These guest books contain your engagement photos and places for wedding guests to write.  The pages are thicker and more sturdy, and the cover comes in a variety of gorgeous leathers.

Here’s a little video where you can see the whole book!


Farmington wedding pics
This luxurious, classy guest book is perfect for your wedding! Your guests will love looking through it and writing messages to you. The pages are sturdy and thick, and the quality of the photos is fantastic. This is a much more creative and interesting option than the plain books with lines in them that will get tossed in a closet. This guest book is perfect to use as a coffee table book, or displayed on a shelf. You can flip through it and read the messages from your friends and family for years to come. Your kids will cherish this book, and they can pass it down to the following generations, who can get to know you by reading the messages!
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