GPS is Making Me Stupid

I used to be really smart. Strait A’s, gifted program, great at math. Now I can’t add simple numbers in my head. I got lost in my own neighborhood, and I had a map! It’s pretty embarrassing. (I’ve started doing math with a pen and paper so my brain doesn’t rot.)

Yesterday, when we were on our way to the photo shoot, my GPS told me to turn right onto an on-ramp, going the wrong way. I started to turn, saw the arrows pointing at me, and backed up really quick. That could’ve been really bad… But we made it, alive and in one piece. At the last minute, I had to step in and do hair, which turned out pretty boss. Then we hiked through tall grass, Emily and Violet terrified we’d get bitten by a rattle snake. The location was VERY worth the hike! I’ve never seen anything like this – a late 1940s car with bullet holes in a field that is rotting into the ground. AMAZING! Stay tuned for the finished images! I’ll be getting the film back in a week or so!



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