Modesto Boudoir ~ Lindsey

During Megan’s boudoir shoot on Friday, Lindsey shyly said, “I want to get my picture taken.” I said, “OK!” So when we were done working, we decided to play! She fetched her sexy outfits and we proceeded to pick out wardrobe. I wanted a fairly natural look, so she only added mascara and lip gloss. We went outside, moved my new Gary Fong video light around, and generally experimented. I’m pretty thrilled with the results. I shot all film, of course, and we love how raw this set looks. There’s nothing like directional light and true black and white film…

She did these photos for HER, to help her love her body, and she’ll be guest-blogging about that soon! She requested I NOT Photoshop her, so these are out of camera with a little bit of light adjustment.

If you’d like to see more of my boudoir work, check it out here: Boudoir









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