Happy Anniversary to Us!

Well, Mark and I survived yet another year with each other, although I’m convinced that he’s trying to kill me. He dropped the $2500 rented lens we were using on Saturday and I was medically dead for ten minutes. The mariachi band music sent a shock through my system and revived me. Thanks guys, that was a close one!

Yes, Saturday the 12th was our eleven year anniversary! And what a day it was. Mark bought me a dozen roses in the morning, and then we went to work. We photographed Raquel and Mike’s gorgeous wedding at The Reata in Oakdale. Raquel and I went to beauty school together about ten years ago, so I was super excited to shoot her wedding. We even had a mini California Beauty College reunion!


Here I am with four amazing women I went through beauty school hell with – Tiffany, Karlee, Raquel, and Morgan. Tiffany and Morgan were in my class, so we spent quite a bit of time together. They were always sweet to me and always made me laugh. All four of these gals made the experience much less horrific and much more fun. Thank you ladies, for your kindness and acceptance of the weird older girl who decided to go to beauty school!

One time I had a male client who lived on a farm and only wore sandals, even in the winter. Even out IN the fields. I had to give him a pedicure, which entailed cutting off very thick toenails and filing down years of dead skin from heels and soles. When I was done I went to the sink to dump the tub of water, and as I saw a million flakes of dead skin going down the drain, Raquel came over and said she felt bad for me. “Your nose was all up in his toes,” she said. I laughed so hard… I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day! Oh beauty school….. I don’t miss you. At all.

So here I am test driving the big ‘ol rented Canon 70-200 2.8 lens. It makes beautiful photos, but it’s too heavy and too long for my style. I like to be closer to my clients, and this lens makes you stand kinda far away. And the weight took away my ability to be ninja-like. But that’s ok! I rented it so I could see if it was for me, and it’s not. So the search for the perfect zoom lens continues!


I’m super thrilled that I apparently sat in some sort of… something… The back of my dress has white stuff all over it, which I didn’t notice until I got home and changed. And then I saw the photos of me and… oy vey, I look like an idiot. But that’s nothing new. All in a day’s work I guess!

Mark and I took a quick selfie with the digital camera to commemorate our anniversary. Don’t we look happy? We are. He is everything to me and makes me VERY happy. Once we find out what the damage is on the lens he dropped I might even rehire him!


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Mark Kelly
April 14, 2014

What Does A Guy Gotta Do To Stayed Fired Around Here?

Marilyn L. Wilburn
April 14, 2014

Wonderful story of ur 11th anniversary! Congrats to both my favorite people and couple! Hope you have many more fun times with each other

Andrea Stein
April 14, 2014

Congratulation baby girl!

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