Nifty Knickers For Curvy Girls

You know when you’ve worn a dress all day in the heat and your thighs have been rubbing together? You know how uncomfortable that is? If you’re like me, you’ve tried to alleviate that problem with lotions, Spanx, or even cut-off pantyhose. But nothing comfortable works. (We all know Spanx were invented by men who hate women.)

Well I’ve found the PERFECT solution! Technically, my client Emily showed me these amazing lace thigh bands called Bandelettes! Check it out!



They come in black, white, red, beige, and camel, so there is a color for any outfit! They’re also super sexy and pretty, so if they happen to show, that’s ok too. Here is Emily wearing her black Bandelettes over her stockings.


The next amazing company she showed me has everything a curvy girl could want. Hips & Curves sent Emily a few outfits to use for the shoot, and they were gorgeous. The quality is AMAZING, and everything is extremely flattering. They have everything from naughty to modest. They even have a Steampunk line! I’m in love with this leather corset she wore.


So check out these designers, curvy ladies!

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Marilyn L. Wilburn
April 15, 2014

Very nice! Will check the products out on line. Thanks Dawn for the heads up!

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