I Quit!

Last year I made the tough decision to retire from the wedding industry. What does this mean? A job I used to love turned into a job I hated. This global pandemic hit my business like a tornado, and everything changed. I was miserable. I’ve lost over $60k in revenue since April of 2020.

There are a multitude of reasons that factored into this decision. Such as this pandemic and the danger to my health, the increased cost of shooting film, and dealing with entitled and demanding people. Tourists in Yosemite have been extremely rude over the past year. The park is under constant construction, which is necessary for the restoration of the park, but detrimental to shooting weddings. I’m tired of working while sick, like when I shot a Yosemite elopement while I had pneumonia.

By far, the biggest reason is my mental health. I had a nervous breakdown in January of 2021. It’s been a year and while I’ve improved dramatically, I still have not completely recovered. The pressure is too high, the variables are too unknown. When I think about shooting a wedding, I end up having a panic attack.

What does all of this mean for my business? I’ve been through a lot of opposition. I survived the housing crisis of 2008. I rebranded twice and expanded. I changed with the times and focused on elopements. This time, I couldn’t save the wedding photography business. I’ve had an incredible 16 years and it’s time to pivot once again. I’ve been doing boudoir photography as a supplement to my business since 2014. Now, I specialize in boudoir, and I absolutely love it! It has always been a passion of mine because I’ve helped so many women love themselves in a new way.

I’m also doing family photos, maternity photos, artwork, and wedding portraits. That’s right! I will still be doing epic wedding portraits for couples who didn’t get to have a wedding or photos because of COVID. Now is their chance to celebrate their marriage with beautiful portraits, as they deserve.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so sign up for my newsletter to find out more. If you’re a bride or in the wedding industry, comment below and tell me about your experience in 2021.

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