Modesto Boudoir Q&A: Kayla

The beautiful Kayla was kind enough to do a Q&A about her boudoir session.

  1. What were your biggest fears about doing a boudoir session?

    I was really worried about how my body would look in the pictures. I’m not very curvy at all, and I’ve had a baby. I wanted to look sexy!

  2. What was your experience like while shopping for a boudoir photographer?

    I didn’t actually look around for boudoir photographers. My husband and I had met with her to talk about shooing our wedding. After we fell in love with Dawn and booked her, she messaged me personally and asked if I’d like to surprise my soon to be husband with a boudoir shoot. I was hesitant but as my wedding got closer I decided to take the plunge and do it!

  3. What was your experience like while planning your session with me?

    I was definitely nervous as well as excited. It was my first time ever doing a photo shoot like that.

  4. How did you feel during your session?

    During the session I was nervous at first, but as I changed outfits and Dawn moved me into different rooms I became way more comfortable! I really loved the whole experience.

  5. How did your boudoir session change your view of yourself?

    It totally gave me a confidence boost! I couldn’t wait to show my closest girlfriends since I had to wait to share it with my fiancé.

  6. Now that you have your photos, how do you feel about yourself as a woman?

    Since I’ve gotten my photos back I feel much more  confident. My body isn’t anything to be ashamed of. I’m small but mighty! And I feel like my boudoir shoot captures that perfectly!

  7. What is your advice to other women regarding boudoir photography?

    Don’t be scared! Everyone’s body is a different shape or size and we need to start embracing that! You’ll feel incredible after you done.


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