For Sam, it was love at first sight. He was at work behind the counter of a hotel, and when he saw this gorgeous woman walking up to the counter, he immediately needed to know her. Lucky for him, she was the new girl he was supposed to train.

Rebekah explains their beginning perfectly:

“Sam wanted to date me from the day he met me. I kind of knew that all along. When we met, it was the most difficult time of my life. I was getting out of a rough relationship, I was doing work full-time as well as school full-time, and my classes were the hardest classes of my degree—the “weed out” classes. So needless to say, the last thing on my mind was getting into a new relationship with some guy I met at work. I was focused on just surviving at that time in my life. What I didn’t realize was that every time I would come to work to relieve him of his shift, Sam was slowly becoming one of my best friends. He made it clear he wanted to date me pretty soon after we met I made it clear I didn’t want a boyfriend at that moment. I wanted to focus on school and it would have to be when school was over for me to even consider it. So what does he do? He waits until the last day of school. I remember I was walking out of my last final for the semester and on my way to my car I hear my named being yelled in the parking lot. I’m looking around to see where it’s coming from and it was Sam three floors up at the top of a parking garage holding up a sign that read, “Will you go out with me?” I was slightly embarrassed because everyone in the parking lot was staring at us but at the same time I couldn’t help but laugh at this goofy guy holding up a hand made sign willing to make a fool of himself in public just for me to date him. It was priceless and I still have the sign to this day.”

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Sam explained their meeting like a man hit by a truck:

” I always get really nervous when pretty girls would talk to me when I’m working the desk. When I saw she was walking my way I got nervous and got red fast and then she walked behind the desk to clock in and I nearly pasted out. I started fumbling over my words with the person I was talking on the phone with. Now she has clocked in and turned toward me and we shake hands and I was beet red the whole time because she is so gorgeous. The saying falling in love at first sight was all that was going through my head that day. I went home that morning and got in bed to sleep and I prayed about her and the feelings I was  having. I had an unexplainable peace about her and I felt like I was going to be with her forever. Weeks and months go by with me getting to know her as much as possible. I was bringing her salads every night when she was working.”

Bekah said some beautiful things about her new husband:

“I could tell Sam was different from the day I met him. He was so confident in who he was and so loving and caring to everyone around him. He never meets a stranger, you’re his friend from day one and he loves you just for who you are flaws and all. At work, I would come to relieve him for the next shift and he would stay for hours after his shift ended to help me with my tasks and ask me about my life and talk to me about his family. The more I got to know him the more I learned how kind-hearted he is. He will stick his neck out for anyone and sacrifice all he has for his family. I had never met someone with such a heart of gold and that’s when I knew I couldn’t let him go.”

I’m going to have to agree. From the moment we met Sam, we felt like we knew him forever. He’s a Godly, kind man, and he definitely found a woman who matches that.

What does Sam love about Bekah?

“What first attracted me to Bekah is just her pure joy that she has for everyone she meets. She is always smiling and laughing. You can make the dumbest joke and she’ll still laugh. Now what I love most about her is how hardcore determined she is. Anything she wants she doesn’t stop until she gets it.

The most beautiful part of Rebekah and Samuel’s relationship is their dedication to God. He has helped them overcome hardships in their lives and relationship.

“Something we have had to overcome as a couple is hearing important people in our lives say, “The odds are against you. You both come from a broken family therefore statistics say you are never going to work out.” To hear this from someone so close to home and dear to our hearts, it’s a blow to the chest. It’s something that could have either broken us apart or left us always second guessing. But the thing is, Sam and I don’t have to overcome this alone because we have a God that says He will overcome this for us. He says that we may come from a broken family but a broken family doesn’t have to come from us. And we truly believe that. We are excited to live a life of laughter and love and to prove statistics wrong. For better or for worse, through sickness and health.”