My Adventures in New York City! Part 1

Who’s wondering why Dawn Kelly is in New York?! 😀 Well, I can finally tell you.
I’m a fashion junkie, and it’s been my dream to attend New York Fashion Week since I was fifteen years old. (So like 10 years ago.) Last year I decided I wanted to take photos at NYFW 2018, but when I started planning, and as I researched throughout the year, I realized there is absolutely nothing online, and no way to plan. So I flew to NYC, totally blind, to simply “make it happen.” (Sal Cincotta would be so proud!)
I’ve been so busy with all my amazing couples that I had no time to plan this trip at all. All I knew was where I was staying and that I wanted to take pictures. And I wanted to take pictures everywhere.
When I got here, I started doing more reseach, sending emails, and looking at event tickets for NYFW. Yesterday, my friend Jason (a talented multi-media artist and photographer) and I attended Small Boutique Fashion Week and there was some AMAZING artistic fashion! Tonight, we attended Adolfo Sanchez’s debut of his fall 2018 collection, and it was the most beautiful collection I’ve ever seen. (And I watch a LOT of Project Runway.)
This year is mostly about asking questions, meeting people, making contacts, curating a fashion show portfolio, and learning how NYFW works, so that next year I can have a press pass for Bryant Park. Because aparently it’s a very underground thing, and no one blogs about it because they want those secrets kept. I did not have the address to tonight’s fashion show until an hour before opening because it wasn’t posted ANYWHERE. I found a job posting for interns and we went to that address! Because Dawn Kelly gets into events. And Dawn Kelly should stop referring to herself in the third person.
I’m also in NYC and Brooklyn to work on an art installation that only a handfull of people know about. Sorry, I can’t share that with you yet.
AND, I’ll be doing some street photography. Thursday, I’m headed to Wall Street to photograph the executives on the street, and I’m so excited about the ideas I have for the photos.
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