See ya suckers!!!! It’s our anniversary and we’re outta here!

Today is our TEN YEAR wedding anniversary! YAY! We had lots of fun fighting off the mosquitoes while McKenzie took some photos of us as I said, “If you make me look fat, you’re fired.” Regardless, it was super fun. Every time we got into a good pose, Mark had to make a ridiculous face or pretend he was an airplane flying through the sky… Oh geeze, I wonder how these are going to turn out.

These are the beautiful roses Mark bought me yesterday! I got them a day early because I had a really suckage day and he totally cheered me up with these. They smell so good. Tomorrow we’re off to Yosemite for two days and a night. I am soooo looking forward to being unplugged. Peace and quiet, please…

Peace out, y’all!


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