Throwback Thursday ~ Look How Cute I Am!!!!

I picture really does say a thousand words, and this one says I have always loved attention. Yes, I am, indeed, a ham. I’ve been known to break out into interpretive dance in the grocery store, run down a busy street like Phoebe on Friends, and photobomb people. And I LOVE karaoke! I take requests! Mostly, I’m just a big goof who loves to laugh.


When I was little I had really long straight hair and I thought I was Crystal Gail. I frequently stood on a kitchen table singing to a full house only I could see. And at the end I always blew kisses and shouted, “THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!!!” just like Crystal on TV. When we were in public, my mother was often told I was cute. Yeah, I knew it!!!

One day in the grocery store when I was four, I was sitting in the cart blowing kisses to my imaginary fans, and I saw a lady coming up the aisle. I said gusto, “ISN’T SHE BEAUTIFUL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!!” just like Crystal’s MC did at her TV concert! The woman laughed hysterically and my mom turned bright red. Good times….. good times…..

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Mark Kelly
July 31, 2014

You making a ham of yourself? Never.... Well, maybe...

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