Vegas, Day Four: Just Shoot Me in the Head Please

Now that we’re home and I’ve slept 13 strait hours (no joke 13 hours), I’m ready to get back to blogging…

I was SOOOOO exhausted the last day of WPPI. It’s a nonstop go go go go go go go week or education, expo, AND working remotely. As much as I LOVE my craft and education, WPPI just isn’t that fun. However, I finally got a photo with Jose Villa!!! Oh happy day! Such a sweetie.


We finally got a photo of our whole team after our last class – Lindsey, Mark, Dino, Doctor, and I.


After a long, taxing week, we went to our good friends’ Kellie and Casey’s house, because I can NOT be in Vegas and not visit them. Kellie prepared a DELICIOUS, gluten-free Korean meal. It was SO wonderful to have a home-cooked meal, some wine, and great company. And hey, I learned that Lindsey plays the piano!!!


Thursday morning it was time to go home. Lindsey got to fly (lucky), and we got to drive 8 hours home. That was SO not fun! But we’re home now, in our own beds, with our kitties, and all is right with the world.


Stay tuned for all the super awesome things we learned, and all the new packaging and albums we picked out! Very exciting stuff. Now it’s nap time. Night night!

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Marilyn L. Wilburn
March 8, 2014

Y'all do look a little tired in the pic, but glad the trip was a success and you're home safely. I have to tell you, 13 hours is nothin by me, I've slept 20! Heehee. Feel for you girl!

araceli martinez
March 10, 2014

Thanks so much for sharing! !

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