Vegas, Day Three: Flunking the Print Competition

Well, I entered my first WPPI 16×20 print competition, and I got a 69!! Did I mention that the images are scored on a scale of 60-100? So my score wasn’t very good. Here’s the image I submitted:


I’ll get ’em next year. Mark and I sat in on live judging for a little bit, and we got to see what the judges pick apart, so now I know and I can learn from it!

We had a super fun day today. Our divide-and-conquer method of covering the expo worked out very well! I picked out some GORGEOUS new boudoir albums that my clients will flip over. We also saw Gary Fong speak at the Sony booth and I got my photo with him. He’s one of the richest photographers in the country and he’s so modest and down-to-earth. I was a little afraid he thought we were stalking him because Mark met him at Launchpad, then I went and met him, then Mark took his platform class yesterday, then I stalked him at the Sony booth so I could get a photo, THEN we sat at the Sony booth right in front while he was speaking. I dared Mark to jump up and shout, “GARY WE LOVE YOU!!!” but he declined.


I wrote about Lindsay Adler in yesterday’s blog, so check that out. Today she did a short little class at the expo, and even in that short amount of time, I got GREAT ideas! Forgive the HORRIBLE lighting, but I was not about to lug around a flash. Oh well! This is a blog, not a print competition.


And THEN Mark and I took Susan Stripling’s 3-hour platform class! I have taken many CreativeLive and WPPI classes from her, but I can watch her speak all day, and Mark hadn’t seen her before. Now he understands everything I’ve been saying I’d like to try.

Here’s Susan in her natural habitat, texting, then drinking massive amounts of water. (I’m dehydrated myself, so I get it!)


And teaching…


I asked to take a photo with her and she grabbed me and hugged me super tight, which made me smile HUGE! Notice how puffy my face gets when I’m in the desert. Not cute… not cute…


And then it was time for food and bed. It’s been one heck of a long day…


And I’m jealous because Lindsey has more pieces of flare than I do…


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