Did I mention I’m in love with Jose Villa? Sadly, he is happily married.

I got to realize a dream today… I took a Master Class with Jose Villa, one of THE best wedding film photographers in the world. Master Classes at WPPI are small, so you get to ask all the questions you want! As gorgeous, amazing images came up in the slide show, I kept asking about film speed and brand, and then about flash at receptions. I managed to keep my foot out of my mouth for once. (Usually I turn into a total goober in front of someone I totally worship.) But seriously folks, this guy is so amazingly awesome – very humble and refreshing. He gave us a gorgeous packet of prints and a book, and there was a thank you card tucked inside. No Jose, thank YOU!!!

I wasn’t able to get a photo with him, but I snapped this frame as he was speaking at a booth in the expo.


We introduced Dino to the gorgeous GraphiStudio books. He was quite upset when we told him the large boudoir album had gone missing. (I’m convinced some creeper is sitting in bed with it tonight.) Dino was, however, very impressed with the wedding albums!


And while in Vegas…



And THEN I got to talk with one of my fave photogs, Lindsay Adler! She is a high fashion photographer out of New York City and she’s awesome. PLEASE check out her and Brooke Shaden’s YouTube series, The Concept. It’s two photographers, one concept, one location, and you get to see how vastly different their finished photos are. AMAZING!

Lindsay is SUPER nice and we had a great discussion about shooting film. She used to shoot weddings and portraits in film, and now she’s a rock start digital artist. I admire her very much. Here we are, being all cute!


After talking with Lindsay, I promptly called McKenzie to brag. “Guess who I had a twenty minute conversation with at WPPI! Lindsay Adler!” to which she replied, “I hate you.”

Come back for more shenanigans tomorrow. You won’t be sorry!