Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? Like the time I was working way too fast and I got my clients mixed up and texted the wrong one the wrong information, which we laughed about. But have you really texted the WRONG person? Like a huge, ROYAL mistake text. Like a I’m-three-vodka-tonics-in type of text? A text to your ex maybe? A text to the guy who sits next to you in chem, admitting that he’s really cute. Well, this story is about the MOTHER of wrong texts…

The mother of all texts… the text that almost broke up a wedding, a text that SHOULD have broken up a wedding, was this: “I have to see you one more time… I’m getting married today.”


The bride received this text while she was sitting in the hair and makeup chair. It was from the groom. And it wasn’t meant for her. This was not a funny, cute text from a groom to a bride. It wasn’t like in The Time Traveler’s Wife, when they sneak off to be alone a few hours before the wedding because they know he’ll probably time travel. This was a text meant for the groom’s girlfriend. He wanted to see her that day. He wanted to see her hours before he was to say vows to his bride, to the woman he had promised to spend the rest of his life with.

Did your heart just drop into your stomach? Did you just say, “No way… NO WAY”? Yeah I know. Sad, isn’t it?

So imagine you are getting married, and you’re in the makeup chair, and you get this text. This text meant for another woman. Now do you feel your heart dropping all the way through the floor?

She was sobbing in the makeup chair. Hysterically sobbing, heart broken, betrayed. On her wedding day. She called her mother, sobbing, and her mother told her that she had BETTER get her *bleeping bleep* to the wedding site because her guests were waiting. She told her own daughter that she WAS going through with this wedding because everything had been paid for and she’d better not embarrass her.

The bride arrived three hours late because she couldn’t stop sobbing. She couldn’t “Pull it together” like her mother told her to do. She was crying and saying, “I don’t want to… How could he do this to me? etc” for another hour or so.

Her mother insisted, “You are GOING to STOP acting like a baby! You are getting married. This *beep* is already paid for!”

The florist handed the bride her bouquet, and she threw a temper tantrum like a three-year-old, shouting that it wasn’t what she’d ordered. But then again, this whole day wasn’t what she’d ordered. And again, her mother told her she’d better pull it together. Then she forced her daughter down the aisle, toward a man who had been cheating on her. Toward a husband that was already committing adultery.

Word on the street is that they are still married, and there are many stories of unhappiness and unfaithfulness. I can’t even imagine. Before you say, “This can’t be real; this is some made-up fable that wedding planners pass around for fun,” I assure you, it happened. It’s no urban legend. As far as my source, that I will never reveal.