What Are Your Duties as a Bridesmaid?

If you choose to have bridesmaids in your wedding, or if you’re going to be a bridesmaid, it’s important to know what the duties include and what they don’t include.  Here’s a quick list that will help you!


It’s the bridesmaid’s responsibility to pay for their own dress, shoes, and accessories.

Some brides give the accessories as gifts, but it’s not the bride’s responsibility to buy the bridesmaid dresses.  This also includes hair and makeup.  Some brides will offer, but expect to pay it yourself.  And have a good attitude!  So you don’t like the dress… so what!?  It’s not your wedding!  Just wear it and don’t complain!  I had a bride who showed her bridesmaids 5 or 6 different bridesmaid dresses that she loved, and they kept saying, “No” or “I won’t wear that.”  I find this to be extremely rude.

Plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party, AND pay for it.

I recently worked with a bride who had to throw her own shower.  That’s not acceptable.  It’s an honor to be chosen as a bridesmaid, and you should reward the bride for that.  Not to mention all the expenses the bride already has.  Paying for the shower and bachelorette party really helps financially.

Pay for your own transportation and accommodations for the wedding.

In rare circumstances, the bride and groom may pay for bridal party to travel, like if it’s a destination wedding and they can afford to do so.  However, most of the time, it’s not their responsibility to pay for the bridesmaid’s travel, hotel, and food.  Sadly, if you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid and you can’t afford to pay for it, it’s best to bow out.

Offer to help in any way possible.

Have a wedding meeting with the bride and all bridesmaids, then make a list of who will do what.  So-and-so will stuff invitations, so-and-so will take care of snacks for the bridal suite, so-and-so will help coordinate the rehearsal dinner.  This makes everything really streamlined and splits up the tasks evenly.

Some other nice things to do:

Get people out on the dance floor at the reception!  Start out the dancing and pull people onto the floor to get the party started.
Help introduce people at the reception.  Weddings are a great way to meet new people, but a lot of people are too shy to introduce themselves.
Run last-minute errands a couple days before the wedding, such as picking up the wedding dress or dropping off payments to vendors.
Provide emotional support when it’s needed.


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