Mariposa Microwedding: My Last Wedding Blog

As I say goodbye to weddings, I’m thinking about the good times and the things I really loved to do. I loved photographing the bride while she was getting ready. So much anticipation and excitement made for special moments, especially between the bride and her mother, father, siblings, best friends, and other loved ones. This was my favorite wedding last year because it was so quaint, rustic, and unique.

I really loved taking the bride and groom’s portraits. I love wedding gowns, beautiful hair and makeup, and gorgeous floral bouquets. My favorite elopements and weddings were in epic locations like Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada Mountains when I had time to do wedding portraits for several hours. I’m ready to continue doing those magical portraits, so I am still offering wedding portraits!

Thousands of couples missed out on their weddings because of the pandemic. Some got married at the courthouse. Some in their backyards. Usually, there was not a professional photographer present. Now is the time to give these couples the epic portraits they deserve.

If you were ripped off and didn’t get gorgeous photos, let me know and I can make your dreams come true.

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