Sexy Boudoir Session: Morgana

Boudoir in 2022 is all about breaking free of rules and standards. Every woman has a place and an opportunity to unleash their personal beauty and sexual being. More photographers are trying new things like creative outdoor sessions, props, unique locations, and really interesting studio setups. Lingerie has been given an overhaul with smaller pieces, more lace and mesh, and styles we’ve never seen before. Fine art nudes are getting very popular.

The biggest change I’ve seen is the motive of the clients. Now women come into the studio simply because they want to feel confident and beautiful. Modern boudoir is no longer just about pleasing men. In the 90s when boudoir started to gain traction, it was for the woman. It was the photographers who made it overtly sexual to please men. All the marketing was based around giving this gift to your man, getting your man’s attention, making your man see how sexy you are.

As time has changed and the female community has developed a strong voice, we’ve realized that we don’t need a man to feel sexy or beautiful. That power is inside all of us. It’s time to rise up and support women to harness that power.

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