Winter Wonderland Yosemite Elopement: Kelli + Scott

When Kelli and Scott met, there was a spark at first sight. He was friends with her bother, her roommate at the time. As he walked through the door in a worn out tee shirt and athletic shorts, she was taken by his handsomeness. Then he opened his mouth, and she thought, “Never mind.” She didn’t know that underneath those snide remarks, he was remarkable.

It took a while for them to warm up to each other. Being friends with Kelli’s brother, Scott spent a lot of time at her house studying and hanging out. Eventually he became part of their group of friends. She came to realize he was smart and came from a good family. As their friendship grew, she learned just how loving and selfless he is. His father was battling cancer, and without hesitation, Scott put his career on hold to move home and care for him full time. He is the kind of man who shows how much he loves, and does it quietly and modestly. He is fiercely loyal to those he cares about.

Scott was first attracted to Kelli’s strength, both athletically and emotionally. He needed someone to stand up to him when need be, and she was the perfect person for that. As their friendship grew, it became natural for them to be there for each other during hard times. When Kelli went through a difficult breakup after a five-year relationship, Scott was there for her in her darkest moments and without judgement. She realized what a good friend he was.

After a year of friendship, they were best friends, confiding in each other, comforting each other, and hanging out every day. They had a blast just sitting on the couch watching sitcoms together. They played soccer together, went on family bowling nights together, and took road trips together. He even let her turn up the music and sing as loud as she wanted in the car. Pretty soon friends and family had questions. Why weren’t they dating? They said they were just friends and denied any romantic feelings.

About two years into their friendship, Kelli started to have this “feeling.” She couldn’t stop thinking about Scott. When she was at work, she couldn’t wait to get home and cook for him and sit on the couch with him. It took him going away for a couple of weeks for her to realize that she was in love with him.

It was a challenge turning a years-long friendship into a romance, but it always felt right. At first, Scott didn’t believe he was worthy of a relationship because his priority was his sick father. Kelli didn’t care, knowing if she stuck by him, they would have a better life together. She was right.

Flowers – The Enchanted Florist & Whatnots
Hair & MUA – Wildflower Brides
Officiant – Sara Hohman, Ceremonies by Sara

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