Why do I use models for my portfolio?

I’ve used models in my business for over 15 years. As a photographer, I need to show what I want to shoot. I can’t break into new fields if there are no examples for people to see. It’s a great way to practice my skills in posing, lighting, and creativity. It has also helped me expand my portfolio to include a wide variety of sizes, skin colors, hair colors and textures, and styles.

Model: Jenny Kuykendall

Bridal Boudoir

The number one reason women do boudoir sessions is for their weddings. A boudoir album is a special custom gift. It’s very intimate and most of my bridal boudoir clients choose to keep the photos between them and their partners. I ended up with one or two images I could present on my website, so I brought a model into the studio to recreate the look.

White lingerie and a long veil create an angelic set of photographs that scream “bride.” If we use the client’s veil, it’s even better! Not all brides wear veils on their wedding days, so I put this gorgeous veil in my Client Closet.

“I’m nervous!”

Taking your clothes off in front of a camera would make anyone nervous. When I did my boudoir session, I was sweating and trembling for the first fifteen minutes. I’m so impressed with the incredible women who have trusted me and bravely stepped out of their comfort zones.

Most of the time, when a client has a hard time booking a boudoir session because she’s so shy and scared, she will not want her images shared publicly. I fully support keeping boudoir images private. I don’t share my own boudoir images for my own reasons.

The client is the one who gets to decide who sees her photos. I don’t do boudoir photography to show off. I do it to help women feel empowered and beautiful. I can bring in a model to recreate any images I’m absolutely in love with but cannot share.


My ultimate goal is to not use Photoshop at all. Film is softer and smoother than digital. It doesn’t pick up every little flaw. I do light retouching, which means I smooth out acne, remove bruises, and fix little lumps or pinches caused by the lingerie. Upon request, I do more skin smoothing.

Client Closet

I purchased over 100 pieces of lingerie and accessories, and I’m still in the process of photographing all the pieces. I needed models in all sizes from XS to XL.

Everything Jenny is wearing is from my Client Closet!


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